Book, lyrics and music By Barbara Johnston and Suzy Wilde

Judy Blume meets High Fidelity in this funny and heart-warming coming-of-age story. Fifteen-year-old Deirdre and her younger sister Dawn are sent to live with their cousins in Tortoiseshell Lake in the summer of 1995, Deirdre gets a job at the local video store where she finds her voice and falls in love with movies.

Book, music and lyrics by Anika Johnson, Barbara Johnston, and Suzy Wilde

The Breakfast Club meets Peter Pan meets Lord of The Flies in this ground-breaking musical about a group of high school students who find themselves stranded between worlds after a bus accident. Incredibly moving, often hilarious and compelling from start to finish, Summerland explores and celebrates what it is to be a teen today.

CRACK OF DOOM OR: HOW I LEARNED TO LOVE THE METEOR Book by Matt Bernard, music and lyrics by Suzy Wilde

One day in the not-so distant future, news hits that a giant meteor is heading towards Earth and will strike in 24 hours. Students residing in a co-ed dorm at a prestigious Canadian university receive the terrible news, and each reacts in a different way. While some seek to find a way to stop the disaster or escape the impending doom, others try to make the most of what little time they have left.

Maddie’s Karaoke Birtday Party Music by Suzy Wilde and Barbara Jonnston

It’s Maddie’s 25th birthday party but something’s not right – the guest of honour hasn’t shown up yet! Join five of Maddie’s best friends as they try to sort out where the birthday girl is at while they fight to keep the party’s spirits high (and struggle to keep their own dark secrets hidden). This intimate, interactive story unfolds over a series of hilarious and heart-breaking Karaoke-style songs in a party environment where the audience are fellow guests.

Music by Anika Johnson, Barbara Johnston and Suzy Wilde

Rich story-telling, contemporary dance and pop music come together in this song-cycle examining a decade in the life of a young artist. Jacques Brel meets Hamilton.